Monday, May 31, 2010

Daybook for Monday: May 31, 2010

Outside my window...It is still sundown, It's 5:40 am, but I can begin to hear the birds chirp, what a glorious day this will be.
I am thinking...I have a lot to get done today, to prepare of the birth of DS in the beginning of July.
I am thankful for...having a loving and supportive DH, and a sweet DD

From the kitchen...Planning on making burgers for the holiday meal, along with some veggies.
I am wearing...PJ's, haven't completed Morning Routine as of yet.
I am creating...My blog and control journal
I am go check on DD as she is crying after waking up
I am reading...Blogs about motherhood, and christian woman
I am hoping...for a relaxing day, even though I have a lot to accomplish
I am hearing...My DD crying after waking up
Around the has gotten kind of cluttered!  Being pregnant and in my 8th month, I have gotten lazy, need to get back on track
One of my favorite things...Enjoying the peace of being up alone typically in the mornings
Plans for the rest of the week: Dr Appointments for DH and I, NST for myself 2 days, and an ultrasound on Thursday
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


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