Monday, May 31, 2010

Daybook for Monday: May 31, 2010

Outside my window...It is still sundown, It's 5:40 am, but I can begin to hear the birds chirp, what a glorious day this will be.
I am thinking...I have a lot to get done today, to prepare of the birth of DS in the beginning of July.
I am thankful for...having a loving and supportive DH, and a sweet DD

From the kitchen...Planning on making burgers for the holiday meal, along with some veggies.
I am wearing...PJ's, haven't completed Morning Routine as of yet.
I am creating...My blog and control journal
I am go check on DD as she is crying after waking up
I am reading...Blogs about motherhood, and christian woman
I am hoping...for a relaxing day, even though I have a lot to accomplish
I am hearing...My DD crying after waking up
Around the has gotten kind of cluttered!  Being pregnant and in my 8th month, I have gotten lazy, need to get back on track
One of my favorite things...Enjoying the peace of being up alone typically in the mornings
Plans for the rest of the week: Dr Appointments for DH and I, NST for myself 2 days, and an ultrasound on Thursday
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Taking part in "The Simple Woman's Daybook"

I will be joining in on The Simple Woman's Daybook journey.  For copyright reasons, I am posting her blog about how to go about posting to participate in this journey for my readers.  That way if you decide to join as well you know her rules. 

Taking Part In The Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook will be posted each Tuesday.

Here's how to take part:

1. Write up and publish your journal page using the questions/picture ideas I have listed below into your blog entry. Be as descriptive as you can! (You may cut and paste them for the purpose to participate in The Simple Woman's Daybook.) Please add your "picture thought" photo at the end of your daybook entry because we all love pictures!

Outside my window...
I am thinking...
I am thankful for...
From the learning rooms...(if this applies)
From the kitchen...
I am wearing...
I am creating...
I am going...
I am reading...
I am hoping...
I am hearing...
Around the house...
One of my favorite things...
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...(add your picture here)

Mention my blog and offer a link back to the main page of my blog.

This is a requirement to take part and a kind gesture to me your hostess as well as your readers--they will know where to join in the fun, too.
Now, those are her rules for being a participant in her daybook.   My Daybook however, will be posted on Monday mornings.  It will help me begin the week, and be a nice way to move on from Sunday - Renew your Spirit Day. 

Flying on Sundays

Sundays are a great day to refresh your spirit for the beginning of the week.  My calendar is set so that Monday is the first official day of the week, but that is so that I can take Sunday to refresh my spirit, which in turn as Fly Lady says: "Increases Joy, Peace, and Patience." 

Being a mother and wife, refreshing my spirit is integral to the coming week's success.  Some of the things that I have put into my routine on Sundays to refresh my spirit are spiritual, others physical, and the rest tend to be mental. 

A few of the spiritual things that I do are reading the bible, praying to God, meditate on the Lord's Prayer, as well as on Proverbs 31.

Physical ways I freshen my spirit are by writing an encouraging letter to a loved one, taking a walk, exercising, fasting from media (not every Sunday, but some), and by saying no. 

As for the mental ways that I rejuvenate my spirit, those are more complicated, and sometimes are a combination of the ways I have described above.  Other times, I may break something (yes on purpose, it lessens any tension I may be feeling in a healthy way.  I also journal, and laughing definitely helps my spirit. 

While writing this, I realize that not everyone is religious, however, I do find most people are at least spiritual in some way.  I by no means am telling you to "read the bible" or "become christian."  However, if you commune with the higher power you believe in or meditate to, feel free to continue as you wish.  I do not wish to preach about God, or Christian beliefs.  I also do not wish to push you to change your ways, I am highly accepting of whatever religion my readers may be.  I just want my readers to understand that I most definitely am a christian and as such, it will be reflected in my posts. 
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maintaining Routines

Following the Fly Lady system isn't too hard once you have gone through the baby steps.  Then, once you start with shoes, shining your sink and then add a few new steps, and stick to them, wham!  There is your routine!  Time after time, I have dropped my routines, picked them back up, only to drop them again.  Flying is simple sure, but if you have a difficult time following routines, or have something in your life where scheduling your life around a routine is near impossible, like having a baby, As I do, routines sometimes get pushed to the wayside to care for family.  With me being pregnant though, I have come to realize that FLYing with Fly Lady makes caring for my family more simplistic!  I had definately been living in C.H.A.O.S, but now...there is no more S.T.U.F.F!  I am more than able to have people over without feeling like my home is a mess, and their are no more "somethings" that undermine family fun.

If you are having a hard time maintaining the routines like I was initially, K.I.S.S your routine.  I'd suggest no more than 3 or 4 steps in your morning, and before bed routines.  Simplifying may be just exactly what you need. 

Fly Lady has tons of helpful information on routines, I suggest you check her out.  That way you can stop living in CHAOS, just as my family and I were.

Becoming a high flying Fly Baby

I have realized that although I have been flying for about a month, that I need to reset, and re-join the other Fly Babies and get back in gear. This blog will follow my journey as I begin to relace my shoes, follow routines, declutter my life, and develop a more simplistic motherhood. If you haven't heard of Fly Babies, or of FlyLady...Check out her philosophy here.