Saturday, June 12, 2010


Flying with Marla aka Fly Lady isn't always easy.  I haven't been flying for very long, really only about 2 months.  But I have found so many things that are helping me stay on track.  The ladies in the chat, routines, My dh helping me more with simple things, like picking up after dinner and such.  However, sometimes I just don't have the energy to be so motivated in the mornings.  Those mornings I need an extra boost of encouragement from the ladies in chat.  One thing they do that helps me FLY is TOTH and BOTH.  During TOTH and BOTH we take 15 minutes and complete a task on a numbered list.  Someone calls a number and then we go complete that chore, and then come back and get pats on the back for completing said task.  It works wonders for me on days that I am flying low.  So now as I post this morning, I am thinking of tasks that I need to get done today esp this morning!  So that when we start Numbers, I am ready to go, and able to FLY high!   

Water is the June Habit.  So drink it up!  Numbers also keeps me sure that I have drank my water for the day.  During the breaks after we accomplish the task we take a break.  During that break I refill my water glass and drink and maybe have a snack until the next Top or Bottom of the hour. It keeps me hydrated, and gives me the much needed energy to get my chores done for the day, early in the day.  


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