Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Control Journal

Today I thought in addition to posting my menu for next week, that I would post a very basic version of the control journal that I use daily.  I didn’t post the actual one for safety reasons, as well as because if you are just starting, or need to work on your very own Control Journal, this gives you a great basic start to your all of your routines.  If you would like to see my actual CJ, feel free to email me.  But, please make sure you put “Simplistic Motherhood” in the subject line, or you risk the chance of not getting a response.  If you are just starting your control journal, now isn’t the time to be a little miss perfection.  The simpler the better!  If you would like to share your CJ, post a link in the comments section and I will be sure to check it out, as well as take a look at your blog. 
Control Journal


   Morning Routines are done!!!
   Water in Freezer
   Get dressed
   Eaten breakfast?
   Take Meds
   Wearing shoes?
   Feed the kids
   Make beds
   Wash/Dry/Put away dishes
   Acknowledge and Put out Hot Spots
   Shine your Sink
   What's for dinner?
   Work on Journal
   Midday Routines are done!!!
   Pulled out something for dinner
   Clean kitchen counters
   Straighten kitchen table
   Straighten living room
   Swish toilets
   Afternoon Routines are done!!!
   Drink some water
   Eaten lunch?
   Empty inside trash cans
   15 Minutes of Exercise
   Start dinner
   Take time for yourself
   Hot Spots
   Evening Routines are done!!!
   Acknowledge and Put out Hot Spots
   Layout tomorrow's clothes
   Get Ready for Dr Appointment
   Put Paperwork in bag
   Put Sugar Test booklet in bag
   Pull water out for appointment
   Wipe kitchen counters
   Shine the Sink
   Put out clean dishcloths
   What's for breakfast
   Set Breakfast table
   Brush Teeth

Hot Spots

   Door side Table
   Pile on the table getting too big
   Computer room
   Floor in the computer area has accumulated too much junk
   Desk (inbox)
   Pile in my inbox is over the top of the box edge
   Make Beds
   Make Beds
   Kitchen closet
   Kitchen closet is bulging at the door
   Kitchen pantry
   Kitchen Pantry full of things that don't belong there
   Tidy/straighten Family room
   Family Room not suitable for visitors
   Bath room not suitable for visitors
   Top of refrigerator
   Top of refrigerator looks like a jungle
   Kitchen Junk Drawer
   Kitchen Junk drawer beyond junk


   Starting on Monday
   Home Blessing Completed!!!
   Straighten Family room
   Straighten Kitchen
   Straighten Living room
   Tidy upstairs bath
   Polish Shoes?
   Swiffer family room floor
   Swiffer kitchen floor
   Water Plants
   Starting on Tuesday
   Spend 15 minutes Zone Cleaning
   Plan Date Night/FFD
   Starting on Wednesday
   Take Trash to Curb
   Finish Zone Cleaning
   Make Grocery List
   Make Menu
   Clean out refrigerator
   Starting on Thursday
   Clean out Diaper Bag
   Clean out Purse
   Clean Changing Table
   Swiffer entrance floor
   Swiffer bathroom floor
   Starting on Friday
   Be Romantic
   Collect Laundry
   Swiffer living room
   Swiffer Master Bedroom
   Starting on Saturday
   Change sheets


   Vacuum rugs
   Mop bathroom floor
   Mop kitchen floor
   Wash mirror Bathroom
   Swiffer bathroom Floor
   Wash mirror Bathroom


   Organize State Paperwork
   Go through baby clothes


   Wash shower curtain
   Check Fire Alarm Batteries


   Wash sweaters
   Wash windows - outside
   Thin out playroom toys
   Thin out kids books
   Rotate Wife's clothes (Closet & Drawers)
   Rotate Husband's clothes (Closet & Drawers)
   Rotate Seasonal Coats

Zone 1 (Entrance/ Dining Room)

   Clean wall plates in (Entrance/Dining Room)
   Sweep Cob Webs  (Entrance/Dining Room)
   Dust above windows (Dining Room)
   Dust above door frame (Entrance/Dining Room)
   Shake mats (Entrance/Dining Room)
   Sweep porch
   Vacuum & wash window sills (Dining Room)
   Wipe baseboards  (Entrance/ Dining Room)
   Wipe walls  (Entrance/ Dining Room)

Zone 2 (Kitchen)

   Clean Appliances & Lights
   Clean freezer
   Clean refrigerator
   Clean kitchen countertop
   Clean kitchen table
   Clean Out/Organize back Closet
   Clean wall plates
   Clean water cooler
   Clean/organize decorative baskets
   Declutter top of Refrigerator
   Deep Clean Sink
   Dust above door frame
   Dust above window
   Dust ceiling fan
   Dust furniture & counters
   Empty garbage/wash cans
   Mop floor
   Run self-clean oven
   Straighten pantry area
   Sweep Cob Webs
   Vacuum & wash window sills
   Wash ceiling fan/light
   Wash windows - inside
   Wipe baseboards
   Wipe down all cabinet fronts
   Wipe walls
   Wipe/declutter cabinet shelves

Zone 3 (Bathroom/Nursery/Office)

   Clean Out / Organize front Closet
   Clean Toilet
   Dust Bathroom
   Mop Floor
   Clean wall plates (Bathroom/ Nursery)
   Clean/organize decorative baskets (Bathroom/Nursery)
   Declutter medicine cabinets
   Declutter drawers (Nursery)
   Dust above door frame (Bathroom/ Nursery)
   Dust above windows (Bathroom/ Nursery)
   Dust furniture & counters (Bathroom/ Nursery)
   Dust top of picture frames (Nursery)
   Empty garbage /wash can (Bathroom/Nursery)
   Sweep Cob Webs (Bathroom/ Nursery)
   Vacuum & wash window sills (Bathroom/ Nursery)
   Wash windows - inside (Bathroom/ Nursery)
   Wipe baseboards (Bathroom/ Nursery)
   Wipe walls (Bathroom/ Nursery)
   Vacuum Nursery

Zone 4 (Master Bedroom)

   Clean wall plates
   Clean/organize decorative baskets
   Declutter side tables
   Declutter drawers
   Dust above door frame
   Dust above windows
   Dust furniture
   Flip mattress
   Sweep Cob Webs 
   Vacuum & wash window sills 
   Vacuum area rugs 
   Wash windows - inside
   Wipe baseboards
   Wipe walls

Zone 5 (Living Room)

   Clean wall plates
   Clean/organize decorative baskets
   Dust & clean TV Center
   Dust above door frame
   Dust Furniture
   Dust top of picture frames
   Empty garbage/wash can
   Vacuum Sofa
   Wipe baseboards
   Wipe walls

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